Monday, January 07, 2008

Managing two worlds - puh!

Two quarters ended successfully and a New year has dawn raising hopes in dubious mind.. Really started and feeling the roller coaster ride within 6 months of my PGSEM course. I feel what it takes to be an IIM grad. Its amazing atleast for me. what a way to learn and what technology has provided for people like me who needs a so called TAG with a quality education while not in a position to come out from Job... Though am struggling to meet the ends with the blood sucking company and a mind boggling course of IIM. In one way am learning management in a very different way.

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year! and hope this year bring good changes to all my friends including me! After taking up the leadership position in my company i really feel the pain of managing people.. people management is really really different. One can manage even wild animals but not the people who behave smarter than us at times. Am learning many things and i want to implement what am learning so its a nice journey which am having now and hope it sails smooth and the wind should not blow up the candle...

Life is great! after a long time am blogging now... hope to blog more from now....