Monday, November 21, 2005 - CII Intiative

Recently I attended a forum conducted by Confederation of Indian Industry with sponsorship from Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS) in the topic “Leveraging the Indian IT Advantage in Moving up the value chain”.

At 09:30 hrs exactly the program started with welcome remarks from Mrs. Nandini Rangaswamy, Chairperson, CII Coimbatore Zone.

After which the welcome address was given by Mr.B.Santhanam, Chairman, CII, Tamilnadu who talked on behalf of CII

Mr. S. Kosalaraman, IAS, District Collector, Coimbatore spoke about the Coimbatore infrastructure development and about the facilities the govt. is proposed to do for the Coimbatore development for this IT Initiative.

The next person to speak about the Governments Support about the IT Development in the state is Dr. C Chandramouli IAS, Secretary – Dept of Information Technology, Governement of Tamilnadu. While speaking about the state’s support for this IT Initiative and the Information Technology development in Tier-II Cities such as Coimbatore, Trichy, Madurai and hosur he told that it will be done on a basis known as P&P which stands for Public-Private Joint Venture for the development of Information Technology. He also nodded that very soon a committee will be created for providing adequate infrastructure in these cities.

The state has been trying to normalize the norms of land values standardization on the suburbs of Coimbatore and also holding talks with many international airlines to make Coimbatore an International airport soon, he added.

As per the statistical analysis done on these cities they have observed that Coimbatore provides almost all the facilities with good climate throughout the year and also having two neighboring sea ports Kochi and Chennai

After Dr. C Chandramouli, Mr. R. Chandrasekaran, Managing Director and Executive Vice President [Indian Operations], Cognizant Technology Solutions spoke about the advantage of the Coimbatore and why his company has chosen this place for Software Development.

While speaking, he gave definition for “Value” and while defining he told that a value can be defined in many ways, such as a verbal statement, a statistical statement and as a Mathematical equation. Value proposition is the key thing in any business.

He told that his company has grown 5.8 % in the total growth from Coimbatore itself. His company has chosen Coimbatore because of its exuberating talent pool and also the climate which oversees Bangalore and also has large number of engineering industries.

After Mr. R. Chandrasekaran’s inspiring talks, Mr. S. Thiagarajan, President, ETL Infrastructure Services Ltd has told about the proposed building model of the IT Park in Coimbatore and also about the BU-ELCOT Techcity planned inside the Bharathiyar University campus whish is going to be used for any company who wish to have their Research and Development facilities. He also showed the Blue print of the planning and what they are expecting from the government for the support of this Initiative.

He also showed some of his projects and explained about them briefly and concluded his words humorously by telling Coimbatore has also one key factor which many of them didn’t tell to outsiders which the population of Pretty faces in the city and concluded his talk for Refreshment Break

To be continued ...

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