Thursday, June 08, 2006

After a Long Time....

Hi all,
Its been a long since i blogged and there are two news to share.

Firstly I got my MCP for the very first time in developing web app with c#

Secondly i got my BCIP-web Developer (Brainbench Certified Internet Professional) too

These certifications provide me a greater insight to the technologies and also provide me a hope to move further. I also got invitation to be an volunteer for INETA from Mr. Vinod Kumar (MVP) who works in Intel india who has been involved in writing articles to leading magazines like MSDN. He inspired me a lot by the way he answered in a Microsoft Site

Thanks vinod for your encouragement. I hope to be an active volunteer and also hope to post articles on websites and in my user group too.

more to blog....

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Murali said...

Congrats Shiva, on your certifications.....Keep rolling

Catch you sometime on the net...