Monday, August 14, 2006

Enter the Dragon - Part I

It was 6th August afternoon (Sunday) i reached Chennai with two bags having my dresses and certificates(though not needed) and i went to my sisters house. After that i came to my uncles house and had a nice sleep.

Sun (not sun microsystem rather the natural sun) is so happy in chennai that it wishes everyone with great delight and i woke up in the morning with zeal enthusiasm and had my bath and lighted the lamp before god and prayed to him.

After that i just started with my uncle in his motor bike and i was just eagerly waiting to see the building where am about to start the new assignment and which i was thinking like a turning point in my life...

I saw the building and was eagerly waiting to enter the dragon i mean my new so called fortune 12 company VERIZON.

To be contd....

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