Monday, April 07, 2008

Got Deep Breathe... Its AIR

I took a real deep breathe when i SAW the AIR.... wow its amazing.... its really cool, its the Apple's MAC Air. An awesome notebook from Apple the Gizmo Wiz guys! Such a small notebook which weighs 1/2 of usual notebooks weight. The Core 2 Duo processor has been specially made by Intel for this notebook. Paul ottelini himself presented the chip in his hand during MAC AIR launch. The another milestone of this is the entire notebook is made of recyclable materials which is a great move in the history of notebook making towards caring the environment.  It has multifunctional touch pad which is wide enough for our fingers to play just like the iPhone image capabilities.

Though its rocking, it has some drawbacks which we need to consider for evaluating. There are very minimal ports and notably there is only one USB port. what about up-gradation??? Time will tell us the freshness of the AIR. Take a deep breathe before you watch it!

Watch it to believe it


1 comment:

Sriram said...

Air has no DVD drive..suffocating :(